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Hello and thank you for visiting. My name is Jason McMurry. I’m a photographer and filmmaker from Klamath Falls, Oregon.

I’m a father of four. I moved to Klamath Falls in 2004. We are a very family oriented group and enjoy spending vacations, watching movies, camping, and more together!

I’ve always had an interest in creating great images. My first photography class took place back in high school in the 90’s. After that things sort of took a hiatus. However, things began coming back in full swing and in 2014 I graduated Full Sail University with my Bachelors in Digital Cinematography.

I enjoy shooting all forms of stills and video. Anything from capturing wildlife and scenic views such as the oceans to events and portraits. Video consists of films and commercials to scenic waterfalls and desert lands. Drone footage is also a specialty that I’m building as well.

If you or your business are interested in working on a project, I look forward to discussing it with you! Please feel free to visit the additional links on this site as well as my various social media pages for a variety of content.



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